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Improvements and changes to the website
« on: January 11, 2014, 05:51:20 PM »
We have recently updated the website to the newest version available, allowing it to function a bit more effectively for you.

Also, we have updated a few of the applications associated to the site:
Tapatalk - We updated to a much newer version, which when used with the new updates above, functions very well.  If you aren't using it, please try it, but downloading the "Tapatalk" app to your iPhone, Droid or Tablet.

We increased the file storage size on our site to allow better posting of pictures to our site.  If you have another site that you store your pictures and then link back to our site (like Photobucket), please continue to do so.  However, if you aren't too savvy at doing this and just want to occasionally upload a picture or two, you now can.  Click on the gray "Attachments and other options", just below this box, when you are "Replying" to a post.  In the "Attach:" area choose the file in your hard drive and simply upload it.  It must be a 750k or under file size (you may have to resize it on your computer before you can upload it).  It will post a thumbnail picture that anyone can now click on and that will upload the larger picture to their screen.  I have attached a picture of Russ's Jeep as a sample for you to try.

We removed the chat function that was on our site for the past year and will be installing a much nicer chat function that will allow you to chat with multiple members while viewing different pages.  You will even be able to upload and trade files through this portal with each other (nice feature).

Are give us some feedback:  Are their other forum features that you would like to see?  What about other forum titles/topics?  An area for non club related interests?  Guns & Ammo?  R/C Vehicles?  Give us some ideas?  Do you want some other options for Smiley's?  Avatars?  Let us know and let's discuss it here.  Thanks!
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