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Contact Club & Club Bylaws
« on: April 03, 2008, 11:05:07 AM »
PO Box 11633
Casa Grande, AZ   85230


Revised April 8th 2009
(1) This corporation shall be known as the Casa Grande 4 Wheelers, Inc.


(1) The Casa Grande 4 Wheelers, Inc. is organized as a non-profit corporation
for the purpose of:

a.  To establish, maintain and conduct a club for the accommodation of
members and their friends with all of the usual privileges such as
club house and other conveniences usually offered by a club.

b.  To promote and sponsor 4 wheel-drive activities and assist members
with maintenance and improvement of 4WD vehicles.

c.  To promote good public relations and inform the general public and
political entitles of 4WD activities and purposes.

d.  To promote, sponsor, encourage and assist in the conservation of
natural resources and all wildlife, and to serve and contribute such
as would benefit the general public.

e.  This corporation shall have such general powers as may be incidental
to a corporation of this nature, or as may be granted to it by law,
and as may be necessary to accomplish the purpose for which it is

page 2


(1)  Each membership includes the immediate family. However, each membership
shall have one vote,
or directorship on the Board of Directors.

(2)  All members must conduct themselves in a respectable and orderly fashion
whether in or out of club activities. Any member disgracing himself in the
public eye, while an obvious representative of Casa Grande 4 Wheelers Inc.,
will be immediately subject to reprimand and/or expulsion by decision
of the Board of Directors.
a.  No member will be expelled by less than a 2/3 vote of the Board of

(3)  Members must be at least eighteen years of age (exceptions may be made by a
decision of the Board of Directors upon receipt of the written consent of
the parents or legal guardian of said applicant), must hold a valid drivers
license, and must show a minimum of PL & PD insurance coverage on their
vehicles as required by state law. current license and proof of insurance
must be shown upon request of Board of Directors.

(4)  Yearly dues for the Casa Grande 4 Wheelers, Inc. shall be $40.00 per
membership payable per calendar year at the regular meeting prior to the
annual election of officers. Full payment of dues is required for member-
ship in good standing. Said dues include each member"s individual member-
ship in the Arizona State Association of 4WD Clubs.  Dues to be paid by October 31,
to remain in good standing.  Prorate for new members, rounded off to nearest dollar.

(5)  Any membership whose dues are three months in arrears shall be dropped from
the rolls of this organization. The Board of Directors may reinstate a
dropped member upon payment in full of his unpaid dues, together with rein-
statement fee of $10.00.

(6)  Any member not having attended five membership meetings and/or official
club trips during their membership year shall be considered an ineligible
member (not in good standing), (exceptions may be made by decision of Board
of Directors) and will be given notice to reinstate themselves or become an
associate member.
a.  In the event an ineligible member does not respond to such notice, their
name will be read at the next regular Board of Directors meeting and ex-
pulsion of said member will be voted upon.

page 3

(7)  All personal expenses such as uniforms, decals, insignia., shall be
borne by each individual member.

(8  One or more club insignia and/or plaque should be displayed on each member"s
four wheel drive vehicle, and must be removed if the vehicle is disposed of or
the member is dropped from the club rolls.

(9)  Any commercial sign may be on a club member"s vehicle so long as it does
not indicated that the Casa Grande 4 Wheelers, Inc. sponsors. endorses, re-
commends or sanctions the business or product. Exceptions may be made by
the Board of Directors.

(10) Resignation of any member should be in writing and submitted to the Record-
ing Secretary.

(11) A member shall not give an outsider a mailing list of the Casa Grande 4
Wheelers, Inc. members without the authorization of the Board of Directors.


(1)   Persons or families with access to four wheel drive vehicles are eligible
for membership in the Casa Grande 4 Wheelers, Inc.

a.  Vehicles will be required at minimum, towpoints front and rear, a spare tire, hardtop or roll bar, a fire extinguisher.

(2)  Applicants for membership must attend 2 meetings and 2 official club trips
before being considered for membership.

(3)  Upon completion of above requirements, membership will be voted upon by the
Board of  Directors.

(4)  Persons who have come of age from membership families in good standing
may have their own membership by payment of the normal yearly dues.

page 4


(1) Innactive Members:  A Charter Member of the Casa Grande 4 Wheelers, Inc. may become an in-
active member for life as long as his dues are paid. Inactive member-
ship is non-voting and non-participating.

(2) Associate Members:
a.  Individual Membership--an individual or other entity upon approval of
the Board of  Directors  may become an Individual Associate Member. The
dues for such membership shall be $40.00 per year. Said membership
shall be non-voting. An Individual Associate Member shall be entitled
to display the club emblem or uniform.


(1)  Meeting of the membership of the Casa Grande 4 Wheelers, Inc. shall be held
once monthly at such time and place as may be designated by the Board of

(2) Once a month there will be a club function.


(1)  The officers of the Casa Grande 4 Wheelers, Inc. shall consist of a President,
Vice-President, Recording Secretary,  and Treasurer, and shall be known
as the Executive Committee. It shall be their duty to draw up agenda for all
Board and membership Meetings.

(2)  The Board of Directors shall consist of the members of the Executive
Committee, the immediate past President, and 4 Directors elected by the
membership. The Executive Committee and two Directors shall be elected
annually.  The two Directors shall be elected for 2-year term and the
Executive Committee shall be elected for one-year term. in the event the
President serves more than one consecutive term, the past-President will
serve a like consecutive term as ex-officio board member.

(3)  Each member of the Board of Directors may be assigned one or more com-
mittees and it shall be his duty to represent such committee on the Board
of Directors.

page 5

(4)  Further duties of the Directors shall be to audit the books of the previous
administrations and be responsible for all personal and real property of the
Casa Grande 4 Wheelers, Inc.

(5)  The Board of   Directors shall meet as needed and a simple majority of
the membership of the Board shall constitute a quorum of that


(1) The President shall preside over all membership and board meetings and be
present at all events when possible. He shall be the executive officer
and shall have the duty to carry out the policies and decisions of the
Board of Directors. He shall be without right of vote on the Board of
Directors except in the event of a tie. He shall sign checks with the
Treasurer or Vice President.

(2)  The Vice-President shall, in the absence of the President, serve in that
capacity.  he shall also serve as a Parliamentarian and perform such other
duties as may be assigned by the Board of Directors. He shall sign checks
with the Treasurer or President.

(3)  The  Recording Secretary shall keep and preserve all records and minutes of
the meetings of the regular membership and the Board of Directors, shall
assume the responsibility of ledger roll call and determine the number of
voting member present so it may; known if a quorum is in attendance and

(4)  The Treasurer shall keep accurate and complete records of the funds and
accounts of this organization and shall collect all dues and maintain a re-
cord thereof. He shall make only disbursements from the funds of the or-
ganization as are directed by the Board of Directors and Article IX hereof,
He shall sign checks with the President or Vice President.

Page 6


(1)  All monies received from all sources shall immediately be turned over to
the Treasurer to be deposited in the bank account of the Casa Grande 4
Wheelers, Inc.

(2)  No withdrawal from funds, shall be made without the approval of the Board of
Directors. All expenditures shall be made by check, and the item for which
each check is drawn shall be designated on the face or reverse side thereof.

(3)  No member shall make a commitment for any expenditure without  the approval
of the membership; this shall include chairmen and all committees.


(1)  The members in good standing shall meet and elect officers and directors
for each calendar year at general meeting in January of each year.
The newly elected officers shall take office upon installation at the next
regular meeting.

(2)  A nominating committee consisting of a chairman and two members in good
standing shall be appointed by the President to nominate one or more candi-
dates for various offices. The candidates for office must be regular
members in good standing. Nominations from the floor will be accepted
at the meeting.

(3)  Balloting for each office shall be in separate successive sequence and will
be held by secret ballot. All ballots for offices must be counted and
checked by three members other than the nominees.

(4)  A majority of votes cast is necessary for election of officers or board members.
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