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« on: September 10, 2012, 11:51:31 PM »
Check out our website Extreme Rope  We offer custom Tow Ropes and Synthetic Winch Lines.  All in various sizes and lengths.

  Extreme Tow ropes are highly effective in recovery situations. Extreme Tow ropes will stretch up to 30% and use their own kinetic energy to assist in extractions.  Extreme Tow ropes will not give a jerking action as do most other tow ropes in the market.  Extreme Tow Ropes use double braid construction, are chemical resistant, are UV and abrasion resistant, and come standard with chafe-guard covered eyes to extend the life of the rope. All Extreme Tow ropes are professionally hand spliced to ensure consistency and quality. 100% manufactured in the USA
  Extreme Winch lines are made from DYNEEMA┬« 12-Strand ropes, and are extremely strong, have minimal
stretch, near zero creep, and are Urethane-coated for abrasion resistance. Each synthetic winch line comes with
a chafe guard to help protect against rock abrasion.  Synthetic winch lines are safer than conventional steel
winch lines thanks to their minimal snapback when line pulling exceeds the rated breaking strength.  Dyneema┬«
is, pound for pound, 10 times stronger than steel.  Eyes are professionally hand-spliced.  Break strength remains
constant in wet or dry conditions making this the perfect choice for heavy duty winch line.  Extreme Winch lines
are manufactured in the USA.

 Also like us on Facebook.  Thanks
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