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Trail & Parts Terminology
« on: October 25, 2012, 04:22:07 PM »
Unsure about your off-road terminology?
From the February, 2009 issue of 4Wheel & Off-Road, plus a few additions of our own

- A -
A-arm Triangular-shaped suspension component with two pivot points connected to the truck's frame and one
point attached to the spindle.
Add-A-Leaf An extra spring leaf that is added to the spring pack.
Air Box Enclosed chamber that routes fresh air to the carburetor or intake manifold. Some trucks use an air box
with an integral filter; some use a remote filter at the air box's intake duct.
Air-Down To lower the air pressure in tires. Airing down increases traction and smoothes out the ride over rough
Air/Fuel Mixture The ratio of air to gasoline that makes the fuel mixture. Theoretically, the perfect ratio is
Alloy Axles Axle shafts made from high strength, high tensile alloy that withstand higher torsional loads than stock axles.
All-Wheel Drive (AWD) A system in which all four wheels are driven but that lacks a multi-range transfer case.
Anti-Sway Bar Suspension component that prevents excessive side-to-side body sway. Syn. sway bar.
Approach Angle The maximum incline angle that a truck can climb or descend without hitting its front.
Arizona Pinstriping deep scratches in the vehicle’s paint from thorny vegetation that wants to hurt you.
Axle Hop When a truck's axle-housing rotates opposite the direction as the tires under acceleration, then snaps back to its original position relative to the chassis. Sometimes, this motion is repetitive until the driver reduces the degree of acceleration. Syn. Axle wrap.
Axle Housing Exterior non-rotating housing that contains the axle shafts, differential, and the gears that drive the wheels.
Axle Wrap A condition where the rotational load from an axle is placed on the leaf spring. Springs are flexed into an "S" shape, storing spring energy until the tires slip.

- B -
Backpressure Resistance to the free flow of exhaust gases.
Backspacing The distance between a wheel's outer inboard edge and its mounting flange.
Balance Tube Short, laterally positioned pipe connecting the exhaust pipes on a dual-exhaust system. Used to equalize gas pressure between the two pipes.
Ball Joint A flexible joint consisting of a ball used in a socket, mainly in front suspensions because it can
accommodate a wide range of angles.
Bead 1. The inner lip of a tire that attaches to the wheel. The exterior rubber bead conceals an embedded wire reinforcement. 2. In welding, a narrow half-round line where two pieces of metal have been joined.
Bead Lock A two-piece rim system that clamps the tire to the rim, especially helpful when airing down your tires for off-roading.
Beater A truck that is rough or dented on the outside but might be mechanically sound. Syn. Bomber.
Beefed-Up 1. A 4x4 that is stronger than stock. 2. An after-dinner condition on the trail.
Bench Race To talk about your truck and your driving feats as if they were fish stories.
Bicycle To ride on either both right- or left-side wheels.
Bikini Top 1. A soft top that covers only the front seats and leaves the rear uncovered. 2. What many of us like our significant others to wear on the trail.
Bell Housing Bell-shaped enclosure for the clutch and flywheel on a manual transmission or the flexplate and torque converter on an automatic transmission.
Billet A part machined from a single piece of metal, not a casting.
Bobbed The rear of the truck, SUV, of Jeep has been shortened, usually adjusted for better departure angle.
Body Armor Thick steel plating used to protect the outer sections of the vehicle.
Body Roll 1. Tendency of a truck's body and chassis to lean toward the outside of a turn as the result of
cornering forces. 2. The flesh that protrudes over our beltlines.
Bog 1. Running an engine below its intended operating range by driving in too high of a gear for the speed or load. 2. The mud pit at a mud-bog race.
Bolt-On Aftermarket part or component that can be installed without special modifications or major disassembly.
Bone Yard 1. Wrecking yard, junkyard, salvage yard. 2. The Back 40 of many 4x4 owner's homes.
Boost The increase in intake pressure above atmospheric pressure provided by a supercharger or turbocharger.  Boost is measured in psi.
Bottom-Out When the truck's suspension is fully compressed and its bumpstops won't allow further suspension travel.
Boxed Strengthen a frame by adding a metal plate to an open-channel frame rail or crossmember, thereby
turning a three-sided frame rail into a four-sided rail.
Brake Fade A loss of braking power, the result of the brakes' friction surface or the brake fluid becoming
Broach to pierce or open, sometimes referring to a splined cut on a gear or flange.
Bulletproof An allegedly indestructible truck or component.
Bump 1. A horizontal obstacle. 2. To blip the accelerator. 3. To back off an obstacle, then hit it again with
Bumpsteer A situation in which the steering jerks when a truck encounters a bump in the road. Bumpsteer is often caused by improper steering geometry.
Bumpstop Rubber or urethane block used to limit suspension compression travel.
Butt-Scratcher A trail obstacle that scrapes on a truck's rear end.

- C -
Camber The tilt of the front tires toward or away from the center of the truck relative to vertical. When the top of the tire leans out the camber is positive; if the tire leans inward, camber is negative.
Caster The fore or aft tilt of the steering axis relative to vertical. Lifting a truck can cause too much negative caster, which results in wandering.
Catalytic Converter An emissions-control device that routes exhaust gases through an oval-shaped canister filled with palladium and platinum pellets, thereby converting the toxic exhaust gases to water vapor, carbon dioxide, and less-toxic gases. Syn. cat.
Catback System An aftermarket exhaust system that attaches to the outlet side of the catalytic converter and generally consists of a free-flow muffler, new tubing, and mounting equipment.
CB Citizens band radio. A two-way radio commonly used for communication between trucks on the trail.
Center of Gravity The theoretical center of mass in a vehicle. It can change dramatically due to passenger load and cargo.
Cherry Clean, in unusually fine shape.
CFM Cubic feet per minute, generally used to measure airflow through a port, intake manifold, or carburetor; a system used to determine carburetor and fuel-injection capacity.
Chaindrive A system in which a chain and sprockets drive gears instead of the gears being meshed together.
Chick-Deflector Repulsively ugly vehicle. Ant. chick magnet
Chicken-Handle A handle for passengers to grab when the going gets rough; also known by other, unprintable names.
Chip A computer's microprocessor, computer. A nick in the paint.
Chunk 1. Slang for the ring-and-pinion gear assembly inside a differential housing. 2. When parts eject from their functional location.
Clean Well designed, engineered, and constructed; cleanly built; superior mechanical workmanship. Syn. sano.
Clip A truck's entire front sheet metal section, including the fenders, hood, and cowl.
CO2 Tank Compressed Carbon Dioxide used to air up tires and run air tools for trail repairs.
Coilover A suspension that uses shocks with an integral coil surrounding the shock body, often used with
custom-fabricated multilink suspensions because they offer the advantages of easy preload and ride-height
adjustments, lots of wheel travel, and accurate spring dampening rates.
Contact Patch Portion of a tire tread in contact with the road surface.
Control Arm suspension design where control arms, or links, provide longitudinal and lateral control to an axle with coil springs.
Cornbinder Slang for any 4x4 made by International Harvester (IH) because the company is known for making farm equipment. Syn. 'Binder.
Crank It 1. To turn the steering wheel hard left or right. 2. To start the engine.
Cankshaft Shaft with large, U-shaped cranks that are connected to the pistons' connecting rods and transforms the pistons' reciprocal motion to a rotational motion, which powers the drive-train. Syn. crank.
Crawl Lights Lights hidden up under the vehicle that when turned on, illuminate the trail immediately under the vehicle. Aids in spotting and maneuvering challenging obstacles at night.
Cawl-Ratio The lowest gear ratio in the truck, found by multiplying the First gear ratio of the tranny by the low range gear ratio of the transfer case by the axle gear ratio.
Curb Weight Total weight of a truck with the fuel tank full, the engine oil at its proper level, and the cooling
system full, but without a payload or passengers.
CV Joint Constant velocity joint, two U-joints in tandem or a Rzeppa joint which allows for increased angularity of driveline components. Commonly found on front driveshafts and front-drive axles.

- D -
Departure Angle The maximum angle a truck can descend before hitting the rear bumper or other components located behind the rear tires.
Dial-In 1. To set up a truck's engine, chassis, drive-train, stereo, or other system so that maximum performance results. 2. To set up a mechanical component for trouble-free operation.
Directional Tire Tire with an asymmetrical tread that is designed to produce superior traction when rotating in one direction only.
Double-Line A type of winch rigging that runs the cable to an anchor point and back to the vehicle, thereby
doubling the pulling power.
Drag Link Steering link that connects the pitman arm to the steering arm.
D-Ring or Shackle used as vehicle tow point.
Driver 1. Vehicle operator. 2. Voice command by Spotter to tell driver to turn left (driver side).
Doop Any downward suspension travel.
Dropped Pitman Arm An offset arm that lessens the angle between the steering box and drag link.

- E -
ECU Electronic Control Unit, computer unit for engine management.
EFI Electronic Fuel Injection; computer-controlled fuel delivery system.
EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation, an emissions-controlled device that reintroduces burned exhaust gases to an engine's combustion chamber.
Exhaust Headers Performance exhaust manifold built from equal-length steel tubes that is designed to speed the flow of exhaust gases exiting the cylinder head(s).
Exhaust Manifold Tubular cast-iron component that routes exhaust gases from the cylinders to the exhaust system.

- F -
Fairlead A steel guide installed onto a winch mount to help direct the winch cable. Fairleads come in two styles: roller, which uses steel rollers, or Hawse, which features a simple bracket with large radiused edges for the cable to ride against.
Four-Banger A four-cylinder engine.
Freewheeling When the front hubs are unlocked and the wheels spin because of momentum rather than power.
Full-Floater An axle assembly designed to hold the weight of the vehicle on the axle housing instead of on the axles hafts; has bearings at both the differential and wheel ends.

- G -
Gas Shock Damper shock absorber with two separate compartments, one containing hydraulic fluid, one
containing nitrogen gas. The gas keeps pressure on a flexible, in some cases, moveable separating disc, that, in
turn, keeps pressure on the fluid, thereby reducing the fluid's tendency to foam during aggressive driving.
G-Force Measurement of the force generated during cornering, acceleration, or deceleration, expressed in units of gravity.
Granny Gear An extremely low First gear in a manual transmission. For example, an SM465 has a 6.55:1 First gear ratio.
Grenade Catastrophic failure of an expensive part. Engines, transmissions, and axle assemblies can all grenade.
Greenhouse Upper portion of a truck's body; the structure above the bedline, including the roof, windows, and pillars. Syn. office.
Gumbo Deep, sticky mud.
Gun It To deliberately rev an engine.
Gusset Triangular metal support used to add strength; is welded in place where two frame rails connect or
where two tubes of a roll cage are welded together.
GVWR Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, the combined weight of a vehicle and its rated cargo capacity.

- H -
Halogen light High-output headlight or driving light that has halogen gas inside the bulb. When surrounded by a
halogen gas, the bulb's tungsten filament can carry a higher current, thus producing a more brilliant white light.
Hammered 1. A truck that's thoroughly destroyed. 2. A truck that has a chopped top or a severely lowered
Heliarc welding A form of tungsten inert gas welding used primarily on aluminum and stainless steel.
High-Centered When a truck is firmly stuck, usually caught on its frame on an obstacle unable to move.
High-Pinion See reverse-rotation.
Hook Up 1. To gain traction. 2. To gain a date.
Hub Wheel mounting surface.
Hydro-Locked Past tense only, said of an engine that has been submerged in water and has sucked water into its cylinders through the intake and will no longer rotate because the pistons moving up the cylinders cannot
compress the water.

- I -
IFS Independent Front Suspension, a type of suspension system that allows the two tires on one axle housing to
move separately from one another.

- J -
Juicebox An automatic transmission.

- K -
Kick-Down Quick downshift on an automatic transmission when the engine is given full throttle.
Kicker Shocks Shocks mounted in a near horizontal position between the axle housing and the leaf springs. Kicker shocks are valved with a high rate of compression damping and are intended to reduce axle wrap.
Kick-Up Section of a frame that is curved up to clear an axle housing.

- L -
Ladder Bars Longitudinal suspension control arms that connect the axle to the frame, preventing axle wind-up and hop.
LED Light-emitting diode, a small semiconductor that lights up when current is passed through it. Used on some dashboard displays and taillights.
Lifted Any 4x4 that is raised either by a suspension or body lift.
Lift-Block A spacer placed between the axle assembly and the springs to lift a truck inexpensively. These are only safe on rear-axle assemblies.
Lift Kit components used to lift a vehicle (see Lifted).
Limited-Slip Differential Final-drive system where the two axles hafts are mechanically connected with a series of clutch-like plates to prevent wheel spin on slippery surfaces and to ensure that the engine's power is
transmitted equally between the two tires.
Limit Strap A strap or chain used to limit the suspension travel, preventing over-extension of the suspension.
Line A driver-selected path that gives a truck the best route to climb over an obstacle or through a pathway. Choosing the right line is essential to successful four-wheeling.
Lincoln Locked Welded spool inside differential. See Locker.
Locked In To have engaged the manual front hubs into the lock position.
Locker A device in either the front or rear differential that sends engine power to both wheels regardless of traction. There are several different types of lockers available.
Lockers Front and Rear One of the most common truck-owner fibs.
Long Pedal Accelerator pedal.
Low Gears Gears that increase the amount of reduction in the transmission, transfer case, or axle. In an axle, they are expressed as the ratio of ring-gear teeth to pinion teeth, so low gears are numerically higher than high gears. (Example: 4.10 gears are lower than 3.55 gears.) Rock crawlers typically have low gears.
Low-Lock To have the transfer case in 4-Lo therefore locking out the center differential, if so equipped.

- M -
Manifold Cooking To use a hot intake manifold as a heat source for cooking on the trail. Burritos and cans of beans or chili are favorite manifold delicacies.
Meats Tires, particularly large, aggressively treaded ones. Syn. skins, shoes.
MIG Welding Metal Inert Gas welding is a wire-feed welding system that uses argon gas as a shielding agent for the weld. Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and other metals are commonly welded with a MIG welder.
Modular Wheel Custom or racing wheel with an inner, an outer, and a center section that are bolted or riveted together.
Multi-link Solid-Axle suspension design where coil springs are used instead of leaf springs, and the axle is
located by longitudinal and lateral suspension control arms, or links.

- N -
Nail It To apply full throttle.
Negative Offset When the wheel's mounting surface is outboard of its centerline.

- O -
O2 Sensor or Oxygen Sensor is an electronic device that measures the proportion of oxygen (O2) in the
OEM Original equipment manufacturer. Syn. stock.
Obstacle Something in the path of the vehicle that it must pass by maneuvering around or over.
Off-Camber A situation in which the truck is sideways on an incline, increasing the likelihood of a rollover.
Over-steer Cornering condition where the rear tires slide toward the outside of the turn.

- P -
Panhard Rod A transverse link (rod that attaches to the truck's frame at one end and to the axle housing at the opposite end), providing lateral positioning of the axle housing relative to the chassis. Helps control Axle Wrap.
Paperweight A part that's broken beyond repair can be used as an excellent paperweight.
Passenger 1. Vehichle occupant other than driver. 2. Voice command by Spotter to tell driver to turn right
(passenger side).
Payload Maximum weight a truck can carry, calculated by subtracting the curb weight of the truck and a 150-pound allowance for each passenger from the gross vehicle weight rating.
Peg-Leg An open differential. Syn. one-legger.
Pickle Fork Fork-like tool used to separate suspension components, such as ball joints and tie-rod ends, for repair.
Pinion Angle The angle of the pinion yoke on an axle housing in relation to its driveshaft.
Pitman Arm Steering lever that converts the rotary motion of the steering box to the linear motion of the
steering system's centerlink.
Plow Under steer.
Posi Short for Posi-traction, a limited-slip differential used by General Motors. The term is often used generically for any limited-slip device.
Positive Offset When the wheel's mounting surface is inboard of its centerline.
Pre-runner 1. An off-road truck that's built to pre-run a desert race course so that the driver can study and
practice on the course before the race. 2. To check a course or run in advance of taking a group through it.
Progressive-Rate Springs Suspension springs that become progressively stiffer as they are compressed.
Proportioning Valve Hydraulic braking valve that varies the braking force at the front or rear wheels,
depending on pedal pressure, load, and weight transfer, to reduce or eliminate wheel lockup.
P.T.O. Power take-off, an accessory powered by engine output, usually a winch.
Pumpkin The center section of an axle housing that contains the differential carrier and gear-set. Syn. coconut, third member.

- Q -
Quad 1. Four-barrel carburetor. 2. A four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle.
Quarter-Panel Body shop term for the front or rear corner sheetmetal assembly.

- R -
Rack-and-Pinion A steering system that uses a pinion gear at the end of the steering shaft to engage a
horizontal-toothed bar, the rack, which is attached to the tie rods and the steering knuckles.
Ramp Break-over Angle The angle formed by lines drawn from the front and rear tires' contact patches and the midpoint of the wheelbase on the chassis; the greater the angle, the less likelihood of high-centering.
Rebound After a suspension spring is compressed by a bump, the spring naturally tries to return to its previous length, extending the suspension upward toward its original ride height.
Re-circulating Ball Steering Steering assembly that uses a worm gear on the end of the steering shaft to turn a sector gear that is within the steering box and attached to the pitman arm. Ball bearings are used between the worm and sector gears for smooth operation.
Redline Absolute maximum engine speed, expressed in rpm, at which an engine can/should be operated;
indicated by a red line on the tachometer. Syn. rev limit.
Repro Aftermarket reproduction parts, manufactured to appear, fit, and function as originals. Not the same as OE or N.O.S., which are both factory-issued parts.
Retrofit Installing new parts or systems on an older truck for the purpose of upgrading, such as retrofitting a modern fuel-injection system in place of the original carburetor.
Reverse-Rotation Refers to an axle design where the pinion is positioned above the axle centerline.
Ring-and-Pinion Gear-set that drives the wheels; the pinion is a gear attached to the rear of the driveshaft, and the ring gear is part of the differential that turns the axles. These are installed in matched sets.
Rock Magnet A low-hanging component of a 4x4, such as a ladder bar, that seems to catch on every obstacle.
Rock Rash Body damage caused by rocks and other obstacles on the trail.
Rocker Panel The sheet metal section of a truck's body located below the doors and between the front and rear wheel openings.
Rock Sliders Aftermarket bars or plating installed under the rocker panel (door area) to allow the vehicle to slide over obstacles without body damage
RTI Ramp travel index, a measurement of suspension flexibility and articulation that's calculated by dividing the distance the hub's centerline travels up a (usually 20-degree) ramp by the vehicle’s wheelbase in inches,
multiplied by 1,000.

- S -
Semi-Floater An axle assembly that carries the weight of the vehicle on the axle shafts. These are typically
weaker than full-floaters.
Shackle 1. Connector between the rear of a leaf-spring pack and the frame; allows the spring to lengthen as the suspension is compressed. 2. D-Ring type tow point.
Shiny-Side Down When a truck rolls over. Syn. rubber-side up.
Shoes See Skins
Sidehill A portion of a trail that leads across a steep hill instead of up or down. See off-camber.
Skin Body or sheet metal.
Skinny Pedal Accelerator Pedal.
Skins Tires.
Slickrock A type of sandstone dominant in Moab, Utah. Slickrock actually isn't slick and provides excellent
SYE or Slip Yoke Eliminator shortens the tail shaft from T-case to decrease driveshaft angle and increase
Slushbox An automatic transmission. Syn. juicebox.
Snatch Block A pulley device used in assisting with getting unstuck; it doubles as a winch cable's pulling power.
Snatch Strap A thick nylon strap used to pull out stuck vehicles. Syn. tow strap, yank strap.
Spool Out To pull the winch cable off the drum after releasing the brake.
Spotter A trail helper or co-driver who helps guide the driver over obstacles, often using hand signals.
Spring Rate The force required to deflect a spring 1 inch, expressed in pounds per inch of spring compression or deflection. The higher the per-inch spring rate, the stiffer the spring.
Spun Bearing A bearing that is either worn or frozen and has rotated in its retainer. In an engine, this causes the bearing to block off its oil passage and results in major damage.
Stair-Step An obstacle that contains one or more ledges that must be climbed in succession. Stair steps are common on trails that follow washes or creek beds.
Stand On It Full-throttle acceleration.
Steering Stabilizer A shock absorber used to dampen “Bump Steering” and to improve vehicle steering control.
Stinger An elongated tubular front bumper that protrudes out in front of the vehicle and up above the front hood line, coming to a point in the center of the bumper area, designed for obstacle access and vehicle recovery in mind.
Swamped To drown the engine; to drown the entire truck.
Sway Bar Disconnects Quick couplings used to disconnect the sway bar, thus allowing the suspension to travel.
Synthetic Oil Manmade lubricants; they generally have a greater capacity to lubricate and resist heat than
standard mineral oil.

- T -
Tack Welds Series of small welds, spaced approximately 1 inch apart, which are used to hold together two
pieces of metal until the final welding can be performed.
Taco'd Axle housings, frames, or other components that have been severely bent, usually from jumping the truck.
Tail Gunner The last vehicle /driver on a trail ride. The tail gunner is responsible for making sure everyone
completes the trail.
Tall Gears The opposite of low gears, they are represented in ratios that are numerically lower than "low" gears; e.g., 3.08s are taller than 4.10s.
TBI Throttle-body fuel injection.
Threshold Braking Applying as much pressure to the brake pedal as possible without going to wheel lockup.
Throw-out Bearing On a clutch assembly, a shaft-mounted bearing that is moved from pressure on the clutch pedal and disengages the clutch disc from the engine.
T-Case Transfer case, located behind transmission. Drive shafts attach to it.
Tie Rod Steering linkage between the pitman or idler arm and a steering arm that moves the steering knuckles.
TIG Welding Tungsten Inert Gas welding, also referred to as heliarc welding, usually used for joining aluminum and stainless steel.
Tire Deflators Used to let air out of tires rapidly to “Air Down”.
Toe-In, Toe-Out Inclination of a pair of front wheels slightly inward or outward as viewed from the truck's front.
Torque Converter Fluid coupling between the engine and the automatic transmission. The engine powers a fan shaped impeller inside the torque converter, which splashes oil onto a turbine (another fan-shaped device), and the turbine transmits its power to the transmission's gearbox.
Torsion Bar Suspension spring that looks like a long metal rod. One end is attached to the truck's frame, and the other end is attached to the suspension's A-arm. When the A-arm moves, the torsion bar is twisted and then springs back to its original shape, thus its springing action. See Anti-Sway Bar
Tow Strap A long strap used for recovering vehicles.
TPI Tuned-port fuel injection.
Trail Leader The leader of a trail ride.
Trailer Queen A vehicle that's built primarily for show and is trailered to events.
Turned Turtle A truck that's rolled upside down.
Two-Wheeling When tires lift off the ground during a tricky maneuver. Syn. bicycling.
U-Bolt U-shaped bolt commonly used to attach an axle housing to a leaf-spring pack.
U-Joint Mechanical joint that can transmit rotary motion while swiveling. Used at both ends of a driveshaft to transmit power from the transfer case to the differential.

- U -
Understeer Cornering condition where a truck's front tires lose grip before the rear tires, causing the front end to slide or push toward the outside of the corner.
Unglued 1. Damaged or destroyed; a blown-up engine has become unglued. 2. A broken weld. 3. The co-driver's mental state following a rollover.

- V -
Vapor-lock Condition where fuel boils within the fuel line or carburetor, causing bubbles to form that impede the fuel flow or cause excessive fuel to flood the carburetor.
Variable-Ratio Steering Power-steering box that varies the steering ratio. At low speeds, the steering response is quicker for maneuverability; at high speeds, the steering ratio is reduced for stability.
Ventilate The Block To throw a connecting rod through the side of an engine block due to component failure or excessive revs.

- W -
Wail To perform at peak power or efficiency.
Wheel Adapter Metal plate with wheel studs that allows a wheel with one bolt pattern to be used on a truck with a dissimilar bolt pattern.  Similar to Wheel Spacer.
Wheelbase Distance from the center of a truck's front wheel to the center of the rear wheel on the same side.
Wheel Spacer Metal plate with wheel studs that allow for negative offset of the wheel.  Similar to Wheel Adapter.
Wheel Travel The total distance a wheel can move up and down; affected by suspension travel and wheel well clearance. More wheel travel means a more flexible suspension and more potential traction.
White-Knuckle An obstacle that is scary enough to make the driver grip the steering wheel extremely tight.
Winch A bumper mounted cable wound around an electric motor that is used to recover a stuck vehicle or
maneuver over or around and obstacle.
WOT Wide Open Throttle.
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When you own a Jeep, you view EVERYTHING in your path as an obstacle to crawl over!


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Re: Trail & Parts Terminology
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Beefed up.....An after dinner condition on the trail.  BAHAHAHAHA, I love it!

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Re: Trail & Parts Terminology
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That's great. I even learned 2 new terms. Green house, make sense. Chick deflector, Never had such an experience.
Everyone brings Joy to my life. Some when they come, Some when they Go!!!

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Re: Trail & Parts Terminology
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My personal favorite is Unglued 3!

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When you own a Jeep, you view EVERYTHING in your path as an obstacle to crawl over!